Faerûn's Savage Frontier

Into the Darkness

With some clever thinking from the two gnomes. The party avoids the patrol of Thayan’s. Once back inside the crypt/sewer. Thelwiss and Barticus get their bearings and decide to jump into the water and and move “West” they quickly encounter another chamber. Eerie noises are about..the party is not alone..as they enter the chamber they run into a creature with a sleekish long tongue. Beljhan calls upon Bahamut alerting the other creatures in the room as well as sending this creature away. Clearing the initial threat the group looks around..traps are quickly triggered the group proceeds cautiously for about 2 and a half tenth of a second..clearing arcane chamber 1 by 1 alone..Thelwiss opens a door and encounters a Wight..this feirce skeletal warrior was quite the match. Knocking Thelwiss unconscious with a few quick blows and draining the life out of him before the rest of the group can come to his aid.

Barticus and Arrys with the help of Thoren manage to dispatch the undead.
Resting to regain composure and strength.

After taking a few hours to rest, eat, bandage their wounds, sharpen their swords and pray..they press on..as time is of the essence the Thayan’s must not get what they after. Quickly back into the water..hearing the flickering of bats.. and the crumbling of bones..they enter a larger chamber encountering skeletons..and in the darkness a smoke like creature appears..Beljhan calls upon Bahamut once again..though it seems his god has less power here down bellow with the dead..As barely affected this wraith laughs at bahamut and nearly drans the life out of the young dragon priest. While Beljhan is down and his fate unknown. Arrys and Barticus take a defensive stance and press on swing after swing against this awfull creature. It seems Lathander heard Arry’s prayers and showed that he was still watching over the young man and had not forgotten him. As arrys deals a mighty blow to his oponent.

To Dun Badhir and Back Again

After defeating the troll with Bardicus leads to the party past the settlements gate. Pressing to get their hands on silver weapons everyone except.For Thoren who wanders off towards the mine entrance.

While Barticus tries to bargain with the Master smith..as he seems to not bend his prices for his craft..Thelwiss mentions that they killed the ogre near the town gates..as news travels fast it so happened his niece was nearby while the ogre attacked, he agrees to plate the party’s weapons as well as craft some chain mail fitting for Beljhan. While the blacksmith works the night away to get the order ready, the party makes it’s way to the towns inn to rest and have a drink as they have another 5 days back to Spellguard.

Meanwhile Thoren makes his way to the mines entrance he is greeted by two Dwarven Guards. As the mine is closed to outsiders Thoren ask for an audience with the mines quartermaster. As he is not available Thoren looks around suspiciously around the mining carts. The town guard still on high alert from the afternoon’s attack spot Thoren sneaking around..and have none of it and escort him out of town. Force to spend the night in the rocky wilds.

The next morning after recuperating their weapons and asking around if anyone has seen a human wandering around. They meet with up back with Thoren and make their way back south.

Halfway back the party runs into a band of hobgoblins. While Content Not Found: null takes a a critical blow. The group still manages to quickly dispatch the threat. With closer inspection the see the hobgoblin captain has a chain mail with a Thayan insignia. Truba cleverly climbs up a tree and spots the hobgoblins camp off the path. a fire is still burning he also takes the time to speak with the birds to make sure no more hobgoblins are hiding nearby,

Looking closely Thelwiss finds a chest with coin and a description of the party, seems the hobgoblins were sent by the Thayans.

Approaching the monastery the party spots..15 or so guards and a few red wizards near the monastery..it also looks as no fire is burning either…Thoren & Arrys wish to investigate the monastery, though the rest of the party deems it unwise..as there are many of them..so they seek another route around to gain access to the crypt. Thoren stays back while the party moves forward. Trying to find a way past the guards..meanwhile as the party atempts to sneak past the patrols..Barticus is unable to not make any noise..as he nearly trips regaining his balance his shield makes a large Clang as his “weapon” hits his shield.

Magical Towers, Dragonborn & Ratmen

After the previous Kobold encounter, the party makes their way to the base of the tower. While inspecting it they can see intricate writings as well as a door painted on to it. Though even with Thelwiss Blackglass key they are unable to enter as it seems the tower is surrounded by some sort of magical barrier. Several minutes go by as the group attempts to find a way around the barrier. A group of red Dragonborn approach. A few attempt to hide in case things get hostile.

Beljhan simply has a somewhat heated discussion with them…they were simply being “polite” towards another Dragonborn issuing some warning and giving information as they were leaving the premises.

With no success with the tower, they decide to go towards the broken tower to have a look at it to see if they can gain any insight..after several attempts to climb up with use of some ingenuity and magic..the simplest way seems to work the best as Beljhan simply boost up the Truba as they make their way to the broken tower that seemed to be still holding with a magical glyph of holding. In the distance they catch a glimpse of someone watching over the site at one of the ramparts outlook. As well as a few campsites scattered across the ruined grounds.

Still trying to gain acess to the catacombs they review the kobold encounter and find a small tunnel leading down towards a large room. Thelwiss Blackglass uses his Sniverblin heritage to dig the tunel larger so that the larger party members can get into the crawlspace.

As they approach Truba hears distant footsteps everyone try’s to sneak into hiding until Beljhan comes in and cast light to discover Kobolds as well as strange looking rat men. Hostility’s follow a hard battle comes threw as only Thelwiss Beljhan and Thoren are able to deal effective blows against the rat men.

With new found acess to what lies bellow Spellguard what will they encounter next?

The Monastery Of The Precipice

After a days travel our group arrives at what seems to be Spellguard Keep. Ruins lie ahead..a faint feeling of stillness and emptiness. There is only a small spark of life amidst the barren surroundings. A fairly large building made out of red brick with smoke coming from it’s two chimneys.

As they enter they are greeted by a man who presents himself as Brother Turnagall and welcomes them to the Monastery Of The Precipice. Turnagall inquires if they are here for the oracle.

The Common room is bustling with monks and other adventurers. There is even a gnomish bard who is entertaining the room. A sight not often seen in these parts. As our group finds a table and sits for food and drink. Tordrek quickly scutters off to inquire about the monastery’s Rye. Only to be found asleep outside later on in the evening.

Seeing as they are but a small group. The party is approached by three soon to be companions. Initially a brawly dwarf by the name of Barticus comes along and offers a hand for the life of a trader no longer interest him. What appears to be a Wizard also joins their table. The young odd fellow know as Thoren does not hide his talents as he quickly displays this by way of a magical hand. He quickly inquires if they to are here for the oracle and wishes to join them. Finally Truba the gnome bard takes a break from entertaining the relentless crowd (specially the dwarven party who come by to trade with the monks every ten day). He decides to join the quieter odd looking group and sits with them. Curious to know what brought them here and sees if he can perhaps join them in there quest as well.

During the evening they share stories, food & drink, and before Beljhan gets to drunk… they ask Brother Turnagall for any information he might be able to share on Spellguard Keep as well as the Oracle. He hands over a few books as well as a few Analects of the founder of the monastery. They discover a few things: the entry to the tower seems to be threw the catacombs of the Keep. And that there is also something about alabaster sealing the tower.

As the next day comes. Our new group composed of Thelwiss, Beljhan, Arrys, Thoren, Barticus & Truba. The head towards where the catacombs may be and run into a few kobolds who seem to have made Spellguard their home.

Scepter Tower of Spellguard
The Road to Spellguard

After a week spent in Loudwatter leave the comforts of civilization behind and head east further into the frontier towards Llokh and north beyond that to Spellguard.

In Llokh they were greeted by a unruly militia and it’s excuse of an Inn, (The Golden Shaft). Where they encountered a messy common room filled with drunken adventurers some brawling. Early in the morning while Thelwiss was keeping watch over his sleeping comrades and their possessions. A female halfling introduced herself curious about the party. But persuaded to leave them alone with a few gold coins…

Once rested Thelwiss, Beljhan, Arrys & Tordrek made their way towards Spellguard. Following the narrow road towards the northmost end of Graypeak Mountains they came across a lavish empty campsite belonging to what appears to be a Red Wizard Of Thay. It appears that the plot

headed towards spellguard keep. Leaving the comforts of civilization behind. You quickly learned that as you arrived in Llokh and were greeted by it’s unruly militia and it’s excuse for an Inn.

After a night resting at the Golden Shaft Inn, you made your way North East Towards Spellguard. On the narrow road heading towards the Graypeak Mountains you came across a lavish empty campsite. Not long did it take for you to encounter the campsites owners..it seems though that a Red Wizard of Thay now show’s interest in your activities….

The Wizards Amulet

It is the first day of the second tenth day in the “month” of Kythorn for those familiar with calendars and such.

Arrys Cadavant, Tordrek Ungart, Beljhan & Dek are to meet up with a Svirfneblin by the name of Thelwiss Blackglass. Thelwiss tells them of a Wizards Tower that holds treasures, the kind that any adventurer could easily profit from.

As the group makes their way towards the location of the tower it seems it was nothing but a trap laid by a young Wizard Voltigern. The party manages to defeat the young Wizard, while some atempt to torture information out of him. The young Arrys intervenes and suggest that they turn him into the authorities at the nearby town of Loudwater.


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