Faerûn's Savage Frontier

Magical Towers, Dragonborn & Ratmen

After the previous Kobold encounter, the party makes their way to the base of the tower. While inspecting it they can see intricate writings as well as a door painted on to it. Though even with Thelwiss Blackglass key they are unable to enter as it seems the tower is surrounded by some sort of magical barrier. Several minutes go by as the group attempts to find a way around the barrier. A group of red Dragonborn approach. A few attempt to hide in case things get hostile.

Beljhan simply has a somewhat heated discussion with them…they were simply being “polite” towards another Dragonborn issuing some warning and giving information as they were leaving the premises.

With no success with the tower, they decide to go towards the broken tower to have a look at it to see if they can gain any insight..after several attempts to climb up with use of some ingenuity and magic..the simplest way seems to work the best as Beljhan simply boost up the Truba as they make their way to the broken tower that seemed to be still holding with a magical glyph of holding. In the distance they catch a glimpse of someone watching over the site at one of the ramparts outlook. As well as a few campsites scattered across the ruined grounds.

Still trying to gain acess to the catacombs they review the kobold encounter and find a small tunnel leading down towards a large room. Thelwiss Blackglass uses his Sniverblin heritage to dig the tunel larger so that the larger party members can get into the crawlspace.

As they approach Truba hears distant footsteps everyone try’s to sneak into hiding until Beljhan comes in and cast light to discover Kobolds as well as strange looking rat men. Hostility’s follow a hard battle comes threw as only Thelwiss Beljhan and Thoren are able to deal effective blows against the rat men.

With new found acess to what lies bellow Spellguard what will they encounter next?


Morgentaler Morgentaler

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