Faerûn's Savage Frontier

Scepter Tower of Spellguard

The Road to Spellguard

After a week spent in Loudwatter leave the comforts of civilization behind and head east further into the frontier towards Llokh and north beyond that to Spellguard.

In Llokh they were greeted by a unruly militia and it’s excuse of an Inn, (The Golden Shaft). Where they encountered a messy common room filled with drunken adventurers some brawling. Early in the morning while Thelwiss was keeping watch over his sleeping comrades and their possessions. A female halfling introduced herself curious about the party. But persuaded to leave them alone with a few gold coins…

Once rested Thelwiss, Beljhan, Arrys & Tordrek made their way towards Spellguard. Following the narrow road towards the northmost end of Graypeak Mountains they came across a lavish empty campsite belonging to what appears to be a Red Wizard Of Thay. It appears that the plot

headed towards spellguard keep. Leaving the comforts of civilization behind. You quickly learned that as you arrived in Llokh and were greeted by it’s unruly militia and it’s excuse for an Inn.

After a night resting at the Golden Shaft Inn, you made your way North East Towards Spellguard. On the narrow road heading towards the Graypeak Mountains you came across a lavish empty campsite. Not long did it take for you to encounter the campsites owners..it seems though that a Red Wizard of Thay now show’s interest in your activities….


Morgentaler taoistpunk

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