Faerûn's Savage Frontier

The Monastery Of The Precipice

After a days travel our group arrives at what seems to be Spellguard Keep. Ruins lie ahead..a faint feeling of stillness and emptiness. There is only a small spark of life amidst the barren surroundings. A fairly large building made out of red brick with smoke coming from it’s two chimneys.

As they enter they are greeted by a man who presents himself as Brother Turnagall and welcomes them to the Monastery Of The Precipice. Turnagall inquires if they are here for the oracle.

The Common room is bustling with monks and other adventurers. There is even a gnomish bard who is entertaining the room. A sight not often seen in these parts. As our group finds a table and sits for food and drink. Tordrek quickly scutters off to inquire about the monastery’s Rye. Only to be found asleep outside later on in the evening.

Seeing as they are but a small group. The party is approached by three soon to be companions. Initially a brawly dwarf by the name of Barticus comes along and offers a hand for the life of a trader no longer interest him. What appears to be a Wizard also joins their table. The young odd fellow know as Thoren does not hide his talents as he quickly displays this by way of a magical hand. He quickly inquires if they to are here for the oracle and wishes to join them. Finally Truba the gnome bard takes a break from entertaining the relentless crowd (specially the dwarven party who come by to trade with the monks every ten day). He decides to join the quieter odd looking group and sits with them. Curious to know what brought them here and sees if he can perhaps join them in there quest as well.

During the evening they share stories, food & drink, and before Beljhan gets to drunk… they ask Brother Turnagall for any information he might be able to share on Spellguard Keep as well as the Oracle. He hands over a few books as well as a few Analects of the founder of the monastery. They discover a few things: the entry to the tower seems to be threw the catacombs of the Keep. And that there is also something about alabaster sealing the tower.

As the next day comes. Our new group composed of Thelwiss, Beljhan, Arrys, Thoren, Barticus & Truba. The head towards where the catacombs may be and run into a few kobolds who seem to have made Spellguard their home.


Morgentaler Morgentaler

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