Faerûn's Savage Frontier

The Wizards Amulet

It is the first day of the second tenth day in the “month” of Kythorn for those familiar with calendars and such.

Arrys Cadavant, Tordrek Ungart, Beljhan & Dek are to meet up with a Svirfneblin by the name of Thelwiss Blackglass. Thelwiss tells them of a Wizards Tower that holds treasures, the kind that any adventurer could easily profit from.

As the group makes their way towards the location of the tower it seems it was nothing but a trap laid by a young Wizard Voltigern. The party manages to defeat the young Wizard, while some atempt to torture information out of him. The young Arrys intervenes and suggest that they turn him into the authorities at the nearby town of Loudwater.


Morgentaler Morgentaler

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