Faerûn's Savage Frontier

To Dun Badhir and Back Again

After defeating the troll with Bardicus leads to the party past the settlements gate. Pressing to get their hands on silver weapons everyone except.For Thoren who wanders off towards the mine entrance.

While Barticus tries to bargain with the Master smith..as he seems to not bend his prices for his craft..Thelwiss mentions that they killed the ogre near the town gates..as news travels fast it so happened his niece was nearby while the ogre attacked, he agrees to plate the party’s weapons as well as craft some chain mail fitting for Beljhan. While the blacksmith works the night away to get the order ready, the party makes it’s way to the towns inn to rest and have a drink as they have another 5 days back to Spellguard.

Meanwhile Thoren makes his way to the mines entrance he is greeted by two Dwarven Guards. As the mine is closed to outsiders Thoren ask for an audience with the mines quartermaster. As he is not available Thoren looks around suspiciously around the mining carts. The town guard still on high alert from the afternoon’s attack spot Thoren sneaking around..and have none of it and escort him out of town. Force to spend the night in the rocky wilds.

The next morning after recuperating their weapons and asking around if anyone has seen a human wandering around. They meet with up back with Thoren and make their way back south.

Halfway back the party runs into a band of hobgoblins. While Content Not Found: null takes a a critical blow. The group still manages to quickly dispatch the threat. With closer inspection the see the hobgoblin captain has a chain mail with a Thayan insignia. Truba cleverly climbs up a tree and spots the hobgoblins camp off the path. a fire is still burning he also takes the time to speak with the birds to make sure no more hobgoblins are hiding nearby,

Looking closely Thelwiss finds a chest with coin and a description of the party, seems the hobgoblins were sent by the Thayans.

Approaching the monastery the party spots..15 or so guards and a few red wizards near the monastery..it also looks as no fire is burning either…Thoren & Arrys wish to investigate the monastery, though the rest of the party deems it unwise..as there are many of them..so they seek another route around to gain access to the crypt. Thoren stays back while the party moves forward. Trying to find a way past the guards..meanwhile as the party atempts to sneak past the patrols..Barticus is unable to not make any noise..as he nearly trips regaining his balance his shield makes a large Clang as his “weapon” hits his shield.


Morgentaler Morgentaler

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