Faerûn's Savage Frontier

Into the Darkness

With some clever thinking from the two gnomes. The party avoids the patrol of Thayan’s. Once back inside the crypt/sewer. Thelwiss and Barticus get their bearings and decide to jump into the water and and move “West” they quickly encounter another chamber. Eerie noises are about..the party is not alone..as they enter the chamber they run into a creature with a sleekish long tongue. Beljhan calls upon Bahamut alerting the other creatures in the room as well as sending this creature away. Clearing the initial threat the group looks around..traps are quickly triggered the group proceeds cautiously for about 2 and a half tenth of a second..clearing arcane chamber 1 by 1 alone..Thelwiss opens a door and encounters a Wight..this feirce skeletal warrior was quite the match. Knocking Thelwiss unconscious with a few quick blows and draining the life out of him before the rest of the group can come to his aid.

Barticus and Arrys with the help of Thoren manage to dispatch the undead.
Resting to regain composure and strength.

After taking a few hours to rest, eat, bandage their wounds, sharpen their swords and pray..they press on..as time is of the essence the Thayan’s must not get what they after. Quickly back into the water..hearing the flickering of bats.. and the crumbling of bones..they enter a larger chamber encountering skeletons..and in the darkness a smoke like creature appears..Beljhan calls upon Bahamut once again..though it seems his god has less power here down bellow with the dead..As barely affected this wraith laughs at bahamut and nearly drans the life out of the young dragon priest. While Beljhan is down and his fate unknown. Arrys and Barticus take a defensive stance and press on swing after swing against this awfull creature. It seems Lathander heard Arry’s prayers and showed that he was still watching over the young man and had not forgotten him. As arrys deals a mighty blow to his oponent.


Morgentaler Morgentaler

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